crux is a marketing collective of independent creatives.  There’s plenty of benefits to working with us, including

  • fewer overheads: making us cheaper than marketing agencies
  • flexible options: pick only the services you need
  • single point of contact: don’t waste time briefing several contractors
  • we’re all working towards the same goal: making you look good
  • marketing expertise: access the collective wisdom of our decades of experience
  • fun: we’re easy to work with and passionate about what we do
  • professional: we’re small so we try harder to impress you
Lindsey Mineff

Lindsey began her career in design early, getting trouble in class for drawing instead of paying attention. She was much more studious during her post-baccalaureate in photography and Certificate IV in graphic design. She’s passionate about quality branding and is highly particular about colour palettes, kerning and alignment.

Her clients include BP and Pearson Education and she’s obsessed with op shopping, Disneyland and the podcast My Favourite Murder. She has a strong hatred of parsley.



Kate is our resident wordsmith who can take a few bullet points and turn it into an insightful article that is clickable, shareable and SEO friendly. With more than twenty years of experience in marketing and PR, Kate has worked with clients such as Emirates, Commonwealth Bank, Bunnings Warehouse, Telstra, City of Melbourne and many others.

When not freelancing, Kate enjoys watching bad reality TV such as Married at First Sight and is a proud owner of three daughters, one obese cat and one Thermomix.

Dixon Duong and Jason Pan
app developer

Not surprisingly, our app gurus were both obsessed with computers at a young age. Dixon taught himself to navigate his PC when his mum hid the mouse in a bid to get him some sunshine. Jason built his first iOS app in 2010 at the tender age of 13. Meeting at high school Jason and Dixon bonded over a mutual love of software and hardware alike. Dixon has a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws and brings delivery experience from working across enterprise system transformation projects.

Jason is completing a Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours) and draws on a wealth of experience designing and building applications in large teams for government and ASX100 stakeholders.They teamed up to form their app business, and quickly secured clients such as Monash University, University of Melbourne and NetFit. Dixon is a cat-lover who enjoys spearfishing and making gifs of his girlfriend and Jason is steadily building a collection of glass drop photos in various locations across the globe.

owen boland

web designer

Owen started his career designing logos for family and friends, then got a job as a junior web designer without ever having built a website before. Fast forward eighteen years and he’s an aficionado. He has worked with Vodafone, Dulux, BMW, Myer, Bupa and many others.

Owen played beach volleyball for ten years and represented Australia and still suffers from white line fever. Don’t let his mild mannered facade fool you, he’s a killer poker player. He enjoys snacking on Subway brownies.


Our graphic designer Lindsey Mineff was the one to spearhead Crux.

“I was looking to grow my services beyond design but I wasn’t keen on hiring staff and becoming a boss. I realised that I could diversify my offering by working with other independent creatives. So, I set about finding people who met my criteria:

  • experienced and professional
  • enthusiastic about the idea
  • willing to give it a red-hot go

“Using my network and social media business groups, it was easy for me to find the rest of the Crux team. I subjected each potential candidate to a thorough grilling before inviting them to join. Our first meeting was in June 2018 and we have mighty ambitions to grow our offering, recruit additional experts as members and boost our profile.”